Simple Design

How many applications have you opened, only to be overwhelmed with information you didn't care about? Simply Order takes a no-nonsense approach. When the customer opens your app, all they see is your product front and center.

Cloud Management

Each application is given access to a customizable web portal that interacts with each application directly. This means you are able to modify what your customer sees through the app on the fly. It’s product management made easy.

Live Statistics

We offer live and up-to-date statistics. With our Command Center you are able to see everything that moves through your app while it happens. Android vs Apple, Revenue and more. Data mining that is relevant to you.

Multiple Platforms

Native Builds for Apple & Android devices. Many competitors offer similar services, however they use Web Applications made to work on the App Market. With Simply Order, every app is designed specifically for the user’s device.

Command Center

Each application comes with its own Command Center. Control your application from anywhere.

  • Professional and easy-to-use software
  • Manage inventory on the fly
  • Update messages you send to customers instantly
  • Send push notifications right from your computer
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  • Command Center
  • Mobile Applications

    Spend less time worrying about technology and put more focus on your business.

    • Professional and easy-to-use mobile apps
    • Customized for each business
    • Free submission to both the Play Store and App Store
    • Push Notifications (free marketing)
    I want this!
  • Mobile Applications
  • Outpost

    Integration with your kitchen or POS is important, our Outpost is designed to be simple and seamless.

    • Receive your orders in real time
    • Send notifications to your customers regarding the status of their order
    • Custom printed & emailed receipts
    • Super Simple to use
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  • Outpost
    • Custom Ordering Mobile Applications!

      See a custom app in action! Check out the video below.

      Simply Order was designed entirely from the ground up by our development team at Simply, LLC.  At Simply we use the collective to gain perspective in all areas of your business.  We analyze every aspect of our relationship with clients.  We base our success on your success.  If you don’t make money, neither do we.  To help our application run as smooth as possible, we went the extra mile. 


      We didn’t just create Simply Order, we left our desks and worked with businesses directly as they used Simply Order.  This showed us exactly how we could make the process more efficient and user friendly.  We spoke with cooks, flipped a burger or two, worked with owners and even talked to users while handing them their orders.

      Custom Applications
      // No upfront cost
      Each app is unique, quotes are sent after initial meeting.
      Integration with Simply Order
      Statistics & Much More
      Fully Custom Solution
      Included Outpost
      Custom Ordering Mobile App
      // Pricing varies per location
      Billed Monthly. Transaction Fees vary
      Fully integrated with the Simply Order Outpost
      Customized and skinned to fit your business
      Increase Revenue, View Stats & Live Updates
      Unlimited Push Notifications
      Join The Simply Order Platform
      // Transaction based cost
      Free Advertising to thousands of users.
      Increase Order Volume
      Shared Marketing Cost
      No Upfront Cost
      Guaranteed ROI

      *The costs above cover nearly all server, development, database, security & publishing fees.  

      *Mobile applications are a convenience to your customers and have great ROI for your business.

      *Receive orders quickly, save time off the phones and save money with less “incorrect orders”.

      *To adjust for the cost many clients choose to raise the price of items within their app, typically meeting their customers half way. We’ll go over what’s best for you upon our first meeting.

      Live Screenshots

      Taco Shop
      Custom Application

      Mexican food that has a salsa that will keep you coming!

      Tiger Burgers
      Custom Application

      Sliders for days and fries you can't stop eating!

      Golden Q
      Custom Application

      Bar and Grill that serves the best burgers in town!

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